Loving acknowledgements to the following who encourage me to continue writing these love stories and support me in these endeavors:
To the girls at Wilhelmina Models: Jaime (my self-appointed manager) JD who had me thinking about writing again after telling her my dream. 

To my family, especially to my husband Bob for his support and love while I write: he wonders where my ideas are coming from: Mike Oswald for his incredible expertise designing my website, it would be a mess if you weren’t there to help. Melissa at MGBooks for the amazing cover! You made it so easy.  To the bloggers and readers that follow and encourage me: Thank you! You keep me going!  And to my furbabies, Rocky and Sammy who lay by my feet as I write and re-write.   They are a Women’s Best Friend.

To Romance Writer and inspiration Desiree Holt: Thank you for adding me to your blog. That was a thrill for me.  I hope to meet you someday.

And to the other Indie Writers that amaze me. Keep the dream going!!!!!