Hi Everyone!

My next book with either be a romantic comedy with hotness thrown in or the sequel to A Love in Name Only. 

I haven't quite figured it out yet.

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Thank you to Melinda, JD, Nadine and Jaime for your support:  For my Arc Readers Nancy Freedman and ZiLlah Raven, to all of the other readers that love the stories that float around in my mind:

To Romance Writer and Inspiration: Desiree Holt!  Thank you for adding me to your blog.  That was a thrill for me.  I hope to meet you soon!

To My Family and my Husband for all of your support.

And to Indie Romance Writers that bring their wonderful books to life!  Keep the Dream going.  I have enjoyed meeting you and love that we are all on this fantastic journey together!! xxx GC


Loving acknowledgements to the following who encourage me to continue writing these love stories and support me in these endeavors:
To the girls at Wilhelmina Models: Jaime (my self-appointed manager) JD who had me thinking about writing again after telling her my dream. 

To my family, especially to my husband Bob for his support and love while I write: he wonders where my ideas are coming from: Mike Oswald for his incredible expertise designing my website, it would be a mess if you weren’t there to help. Melissa at MGBooks for the amazing cover! You made it so easy.  To the bloggers and readers that follow and encourage me: Thank you! You keep me going!  And to my furbabies, Rocky and Sammy who lay by my feet as I write and re-write.   They are a Women’s Best Friend.

To Romance Writer and inspiration Desiree Holt: Thank you for adding me to your blog. That was a thrill for me.  I hope to meet you someday.

And to the other Indie Writers that amaze me. Keep the dream going!!!!!