Born and raised in New Jersey, Ginni started writing when she was a young girl in middle school: her first writings were of vampire’s as she loved horror movies growing up. Upon finishing college at Pace University in NYC, Ginni started working as a model manager at Wilhelmina Models in NYC  as well as performing as a singer in the NY band, Spyz , where she helped write lyrics to some of the songs. With the love she had for her Basset Hounds  Mac and Cletus, Ginni wrote a series of children’s books entitled “The Adventures of Mac and Cletus.”  Realizing the children's book world wasn't for her, she put those ideas aside and decided to turn her interests to writing contemporary romance novels.  Following a hot dream she had, a friend from work encouraged her to do something with it.  Ginni decided to write a romance novel based around that dream and "A Love in Name Only" was born.  

Soon after "Love Never Fails" which she describes as her hottest novel, was released followed by the romantic comedy "Desires Way". Her current release is the somewhat spiritual "Second Chance for Love" which has received rave reviews from her readers.  She is currently working on her next book (another romantic comedy) "with Hotness thrown in" for her readers.  It's currently untitled and looking to be released in September in time for the "Books by the Bridge" book signing event in NYC .

Ginni is a strong advocate for rescue /abused dogs.  Her goal  is to own and operate her own Doggie Day Care Center and to also bring awareness to "Adopt Don't Shop" when looking for a dog. 

Being grateful for vehicles with which to publish her writings, Ginni loves giving her readers the opportunity to "Fall in Love  All Over Again" thru the stories that she writes.  All books are available on  available in paperback and also for Kindle.  You can find additional book signing info as well as book release info on her Facebook page: or on her Instagram page @gindoll1



Jersey Girl: Born and raised:  Aries Woman
Was the frontman for rock band Spyz back in the 90's.

Works full time as an agent at Wilhelmina Models in NYC and writes during her commute to the city as well as any free time on the weekends or evenings
Her "babies" are Rocky and Sammy, adopted Basset Hounds. Has a tattoo on her shoulder of a paw print with the initials of all of her dogs that she owned.

Loves motorcycles and fast cars. Planning on getting her motorcycle license this year.
Member of RWA (Romance Writers of America)
Married to her best friend Bobby for almost 17 years.  He puts up with these stories
but is trying to understand where they are coming from :)
Loves the beach as well as the lake.  
Loves Pat Benatar, Bon Jovi (of course) Foreigner, Journey, Queensyche.  Loves classic rock and
Hairbands of the 80's.  More guitar the better.